Strategy & Objectives

Serve as a comprehensive marketing and video production partner — in order to create educational short-films benefiting major organizational partners as well as aiding in fundraising and public engagement efforts.

1. Fundraising Support

INDEVISUAL has created annual anthems for Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV) every year since 2015.

2. Short-Films

We went on-site over the course of a several-year project to capture the importance of restoration and emerging restoration policy frameworks at work in the State of Colorado.

3. Volunteer Recruitment

Each and every project we deploy together is specifically geared towards, and includes, the magic that continues to drive the volunteer recruitment process that makes WRV possible.


Restoring Left Hand Creek (Boulder, CO) 2013 Flood Recover Project

Outdoor Education and Stewardship Programming

To ensure quality on-site experiences and diligent volunteer-based restoration practices.

Aerial and Ground Coverage of Massive Restoration Effort

Which highlighted the importance and overall effectiveness of a groundbreaking new restoration effort centered on watershed coalition building.

Painting the Future for Flood Restoration and Prevention Efforts


Kevin Shuck, Director of Programs

Geoffrey May, Project Coordinator

Amy Ansari, Native Seeds Manager

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WLRV is one of the nation’s largest volunteer non-profits for environmental stewardship. In the name of their motto, healing the land – building community, INDEVISUAL has helped create multiple marketing activations that drive awareness online, through social media, and at local fundraising events across the Rocky Mountain states.

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