Strategy & Objectives

Create a documentary short-film supporting a University of Colorado Graduate student through his field assessment on a REDD Policy regime in action. 

1. Film & Photography 

Spend 24 days touring Central America- meeting government officials, townspeople, wood harvesters, and other stakeholders in a fight for the forests. 

2. Community Outreach

Learning local customs and getting local insights throughout the journey.

3. International Promotion

Promote the film internationally including a myriad of environmental film festivals — including a runner-up finish at the Cap Fair Independent Film Festival, North Carolina.  

Getting to the Heart of Deforestation

Brick makers, ranchers, and illegal foresters are just 3 dominant forest in the deforestation age. Our story documented the role that each of them play in the consumption of wood and the idea of placing a price-tag on forest preservation.   

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Tags: Central America / CU Boulder / documentary film / field research / pro-bono / REDD policy / research assistance / short film