Strategy & Objectives

From top to bottom, we helped overhaul the instructor and coach certification materials for Levels 1, 2, and 3 for the National Governing Body (NGB) USA Archery. This included redesigning, filming, and photographing all new materials for the curricula themselves – but also creating a companion application that allowed readers to scan the pages to receive an interactive video lesson for the material on the page.

1. Editorial Design 

Create a new look, design, layout, and feel for instructor and coach certification manuals (collectively over 300 pages of material) from Levels 1-3.

2. Live-Action and Animation Production

Create a library of over 100 videos breaking down all the technical lessons within teaching (and experiencing) the sport of archery.

3. Augmented Delivery

To help bridge digital division and promote better learning (and coaching) in archery, we built a platform to seamlessly learn and study between print and digital environments.

Empowering Mobile Access

Go from the training manual to the website via the application seamlessly.

Level 2 Cover 

Media Library 

Breaking down every lesson inside teaching the sport, from setting up an archery range to every aspect on how to shoot.


Mary Emmons, Director of Sport Development, USA Archery

Jennifer Mazur, Senior Director of Outreach and Education, Archery Trade Association

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Since 2013 – we’ve satisfied a variety of needs in a comprehensive partnership with USA Archery. The content we’ve helped create spans from Instructor and Coach Certification media – to outreach programming, club resources, and mobile delivery platforms for premium athlete, coach, and judge development resources.

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