Strategy & Objectives

Our team was selected to deliver the US Open Fan Experience at the National Tennis Center in NYC for the 2016 US Open. We created an interactive gesture control application that helped players train, offered performance incentives and social leader boards, and invited fans to get on the court and test their skills at the US Open. 

1. Gesture Control Training 

Using the Microsoft Kinect platform, we developed an interactive training experience that fused the possibilities of emerging technology with athlete development experience to build a bridge from virtual environments to on-site training locations 

2. Experiential Marketing Phenomenon 

This activation was rated the #1 on-site offering for the entire US Open event – which hosts over 750,000 people from around the world for more than 3 weeks. 

3. Next Generation Athlete Development 

We built this platform with the vision of using international gaming systems to power physical transformation, athlete development, and virtual coaching from people’s living rooms. An ultimately, as a tool to get them connected to a local facility.

Pre-Activation Rendering 

The US Open is the heaviest populated annual sporting event in the entire world 

Reeling in over 750,000 people over the span of 21+ days. 

USTA Play for Life Booth Concept: Virtual Skills Challenge 

Bringing Concept to Life 

We took interactive gaming principles, athlete development insights, and creative technology prowess and made dreams come true for thousands of people at the US Open. 

Pleasing Participants AND Spectators 

People of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and skill-levels were able to engage with the activation.

Custom Microsoft Kinect Integration

This is one of many platforms our team is qualified to create a custom integration with. We believe that gesture control will continue to be a central part of the modern interactive ecosystem.


Wendy Lee, CEO & Founder of Mosaic 

Araceli Durand, USTA Membership Marketing Coordinator 

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