Strategy & Objectives

Capture the essence of Chris Castillo’s spirit, coaching style, and approach to career success. Use an original story to drive brand awareness and engagement with the Empowered Achievers community.

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1. Make it Authentic. “Simple, honest, and organic.”

Our client knew exactly what she wanted. It was our job to make sure and capture it.

2. Positioning for optimal ROI

We produced this video with very specific target objectives in mind. Namely, does this video make Chris more relatable, and encourage others to reach out for more information?

3. Release our client’s inner creative 

The best thing about working with other passionate professionals is the constant desire to push, challenge, and grow with them. In this case, we enjoyed watching a coach turn production designer before our eyes!

Authentic, light foot-print capture

In the spirit of keeping the message and feel of the video all-natural, we used natural lighting and spent several minutes talking about the message in between each take.

Brand Equity in Video

We assembled this piece knowing exactly where it needed to live and how it needed to make others feel. Since the launch, Empowered Achievers has continued to leverage brand equity and expand core offerings to a growing community of women in business.


Chris Castillo, President, Empowered Achievers

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