Strategy & Objectives

Partner with USA Archery and Disabled Sports USA to create 7 extension videos for a revamped Adaptive Archery Manual.

1. Eric Bennet 

  • How to string a recurve adaptively 
  • Shooting recurve using shoulder harness 
  • Shooting recurve with a mouth tab 

2. Jeff Fabry

  • How to make a mouth tab 
  • Shooting compound with a shoulder-strap release 
  • Shooting compound with a mouth tab 

3. Lance Thornton

  • Shooting compound using a prosthetic 

Eric Bennett

A teacher, engineer, and 3-time Paralympian. 

Jeff Fabry

Demonstrating how to make and shoot compound with a mouth tab; as well as how to adapt a shoulder strap release.

Lance Thornton

American hero, hunter, Bass Pro Shops ambassador, and 5-time U.S. Team Member


Mary Emmons, Chief Development Officer, USA Archery

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