Strategy & Objectives

Partner with NFHS to explore value extensions for high school sport association stakeholders. Rule books are central to the NFHS ecosystem; so we re-imagined the way athletes, coaches, and referees learn the rules of every sport in high school athletics across the United States.

1. Product Value 

Re-design the print assets consisting of the rule books themselves. 

2. Augmented Reality Companion Application 

Scan the graphics in the rule book to see the interpretation of the rule brought to life in video and animation tutorials.

3. Coach and Referee Education 

Ultimately, this product development collateral was produced to help inspire better coaching, learning, and athlete development for high-school students of all genders and skill-levels – in every sport. 

Re-Imagining Old Diagrams 


Becky Oakes, Director of Sports

Been thinking about augmented reality?

We can Bring Your Vision to Life

We speculated product development for National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) paper and digital rulebooks using Augmented Reality (AR).

Tags: AR / athlete education / better coaching / better learning / better sports officiating / book digitization / coach training / image recognition / interactive learning / mobile referee tool / national federation of high school sport associations / referee training