Strategy & Objectives

Capture the essence of DarcMatter and portray it through a brand anthem animation. We set out to convey the importance and centrality of one of the world’s most prolific alternative investment platforms.

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1. Give life to brand 

Use a visual narrative to give meaning and identity to the DarcMatter investment platform.

2. Build on familiar imagery

Virtual currency is here to stay, and it will change the world as we know it. To convey the vastness of DarcMatter’s reach, we used familiar satellite imagery of the earth at night to illuminate the potential of the platform. 

3. Drive targeted call to action  

The most important goal is always to engage. As a platform explainer and hero anthem, we made a direct call to investors looking to the future of investing. 

Breaking the global alternative investment ecosystem down into 1,2,3’s

The goal was to make our message clear, direct, and exciting to receive. 

Brand Equity in Video

We assembled this piece knowing exactly where it needed to live and how it needed to make others feel. Since the launch, DarcMatter has continued to leverage brand equity and expand its reach and offerings to a growing community of alternative investors and thought leaders in the blockchain community. 


Sang Lee, President & CEO, DarcMatter

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