Strategy & Objectives

Create a compelling brand narrative that highlights the purpose, value, and energy around a global ICO (Initial Coin Offering) – emphasizing a revolutionary breakthrough for the European football industry.

1. Style

Take baseline company visuals and incorporate into original animation. Create a natural extension and eccentric representation of the Blocside Sports brand.

2. Voice

Written, produced, and narrated.

3. Animation

From storyboard to artwork creation: a full 90-second sequence.

Capture the Global Significance

Football is sport that speaks to the heart of billions of people like a beating drum. Blocside Sports wanted an original story that spoke to the emotional as well as financial significance.

Simplify the Logistics

ICO / Crypto-currency entities are playing in a seriously enigmatic landscape. But for some, the picture is very clear and the benefits to major industry stakeholders is beyond clear. Seeing the logistics simplified will help ICO companies succeed in the future.


At the end of the day, we needed to write a story that gets to the heart of what Blocside Sports is doing for the global football industry (and the consumers who make the market possible).

It’s people who make the sport possible.


Daniel Taylor, CEO & Co-Founder

Brandon Muto, VP of Strategy

Bobby Markowitz, Chief Strategy Officer

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